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Rehearsal for Reality is the umbrella association under which I create theatre and drama-based projects, programs, workshops and trainings that strengthen citizen and collective power for social change.  My work brings together practices of applied theatre with principles of conflict transformation and dialogue. 

I work with community and civic groups, organizers, activists, and school or university groups to create forum theatre events and forum theatre ensembles.  I develop forum theatre events for community dialogue, and policy theatre events for grassroots civic engagement and policy change. 

I support community partners in developing arts-based engagement and organizing projects that dissect and re-vision strategies for social equity.  I offer workshops and trainings on equity, justice and inclusion that feature Theatre for Living, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other applied theatre techniques. 

I make theatre by harnessing community stories for their transformative power. I consciously involve people who may not think of themselves as artists or performers in co-creating our work. In my view, there is an actor and an artist in everyone.

I operate across a variety of settings including schools and universities, NGOs, social organizations, community centres, and public spaces.  I have worked with different groups and communities of people such as migrants, LGBTQ, survivors of gender-based violence, climate activists, social workers and community organizers. My projects are co-created with partners and initiatives, educational institutions, and social movements.  RfR is based in Czech Republic. On an international level, I have run workshops in India, Moldova, Hungary, and Turkey. 


How I Work

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Theatre for Living &
Theatre of the Oppressed

The brainchild of David Diamond, Theatre for Living evolved from Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed into an arsenal of participatory methods that activate communities to re-imagine their future and become drivers of change. TfL presents, through a theatrical presentation, the struggles and specific problems identified by a community or a group of people directly affected by it. TfL works with non-actors and those who are directly affected by the social issue.


Once the play is finished, the audience is invited to enter the struggle of the character and to try strategies that improve the problems presented in the play. Instead of simply discussing their ideas, audience members are encouraged to step on stage to try out their strategies for change. In this way the community collectively brainstorms ways to transform reality.  

Devised Theatre

Unique, curated projects in partnership with communities, organizations, and constituencies.  Often they blend techniques from different disciplines, but they are always grounded in applied theatre and performance. 

Choreographed Restorative Dialogue

I create synergies between applied theatre techniques and restorative dialogue practices that open communication, develop understanding, and help build resilient, supportive relationships and communities.


Conflict is not always bad.  It can be seen as a source of opportunity for actions towards sustainable change that create more resilient and peaceful communities.  I bring knowledge of peacebuilding principles to all my community work.   

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