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Laura Mentz Strakova

Founder & Director

Laura is a community facilitator and applied drama practitioner.  She trained in Theatre for Living with David Diamond, in Theatre of the Oppressed with Adrian Jackson, and is a playback theatre performer.  She regularly conducts workshops and runs projects with directly affected communities, NGO staff, social workers, and educators in Czech Republic and abroad on social issues including climate justice, human rights, and social inclusion.  

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Sophie-Jan Meklons
Associate Artist

dancer, choreographer



After completing her dance degree, Sophie-Jan relocated to Europe to become a freelance artist. Now she continues to teach, train, choreograph, improvise, act, collaborate, facilitate, and perform. She enjoys opportunities to connect and dance with others... Realizing the power of Dance/Art, in connecting and uniting people, cultures, and communities, Sophie-Jan is devoting her time and energy to share this; helping to create a change for the better, in ourselves, and our world!

As Rehearsal for Reality’s Associate Artist, Sophie-Jan uses dance as a medium to explore and express meaning, questions, ideas, thoughts & feelings that are embedded in RfR’s work.  She uses her expertise to choreograph works + assist with devising dance/movement pieces, both for individual and group projects, including Dance for Ukraine. Sophie-Jan also creates and performs contemporary dance solos, adding depth and dimension to Rehearsal for Reality’s productions. For example, her dance piece to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as part of the forum theatre event, What Country, Friends, Is This?

To connect with Sophie-Jan Meklons, and discover her work + learn more about what she can offer to you, or to your community, please follow this link.

Concept and dancer: Sophie Meklons

Music:  Kyiv by Oskar Schuster 

Sony  all rights reserved

Our Mission

Social equity

We work in ways that support people to live in peace and dignity, and to have equal access to opportunities regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or social status.


We aim to treat all individuals with respect and to approach each other and those we work with in an inclusive and non-judgmental manner.

Belief in Change

We uphold the belief that conflict is a source of possibility for individual and social change.


We aim to create an ethos of collaboration that values contributions from all members, partners and service users.

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