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Laura Juliet Strakova

Founder & Director

I am a participatory theatre project consultant, trainer, workshop facilitator, performer, and educator.  My focus is on Forum Theatre as a means of social change, conflict transformation, and civic engagement. All my work is grounded in principles of non-violence.  It is a theatre of hope.  Have a look at the Project Gallery to learn more about what I do!  


I trained in Theatre for Living with David Diamond and in Theatre of the Oppressed  with Adrian Jackson. I hold certificates in peacebuilding from the U.S. Institute of Peace and Emory University, and have training in Gestalt Theatre & Therapy and in the Sesame Method of theatre therapy.  I have also dabbled in playback theatre, including solo playback theatre! 

I have delivered workshops and co-created projects with directly affected communities, NGO staff, social workers, peace workers, community organizers, and educators in Europe and India on social issues including climate justice, human rights, and social inclusion.  

Some NGOs and CSOs I've cooperated with:

People in Need (Czech Republic)

European Community Organizing Network 

CKA (Hungary)

Playback Theatre Ink (Moldova)

Bread for the World (Germany)

InBaze z.s. (Czech Republic)

Akshara Centre (India)

Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (India)

Ranghbhumi (India)

I'm an active member of The European Community Organizing Network and Mediators Beyond Borders International. 

I'm also a stage actress with experience in devised and mainstage productions. 

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Our Mission

Social equity

We work in ways that support people to live in peace and dignity, and to have equal access to opportunities regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or social status.


We aim to treat all individuals with respect and to approach each other and those we work with in an inclusive and non-judgmental manner.

Belief in Change

We uphold the belief that conflict is a source of possibility for individual and social change.


We aim to create an ethos of collaboration that values contributions from all members, partners and service users.

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