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Rehearsal for Reality z.s. is a registered participatory theatre association and cultural initiative that seeks to strengthen civic engagement, uphold human rights, promote social cohesion, and support global education and peace. It does this by creating spaces for groups experiencing injustice, and their allies, to tap into their power to foster new ways of personal and collective change, through theatre-based methods that spark dialogue and expression. It opens aesthetic spaces that tell the truth about lived experience, and offer people opportunities to construct a new narrative, kickstart curiosity, and see conflict as a source of opportunity. RfR's projects and workshops strengthen collective power for change.

RfR works with community and civic groups, organizers, activists, humanitarian workers, peacebuilders and educators to devise interactive performances based on the real experiences of a shared social issue. Together, we co-create public forum theatre events for community dialogue, and policy/legislative theatre events for grassroots civic engagement and policy change. RfR offers workshops on theatre in global education, inclusion, and more using applied theatre methods.​

Underpinning the work are techniques from Theatre for Living and Theatre of the Oppressed. Depending on the project aim and setting, I may also draw on playback theatre and other devised forms to explore social issues and transform them into something aesthetically powerful that asks honest questions, sparks meaningful dialogue, and supports real change – both in the rehearsal room, and in the real world.



RfR seeks social equity, justice, and peace for all.

RfR aims to create a culture of dialogue, help diverse people find ways to live together, empower people and encourage them to participate in society, as well as promote personal, social and political processes of change.

RfR looks to strengthen social cohesion, community building, and peace through innovative and participatory theatre experiences.

Our Mission
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RfR believes that a just society is one in which all voices are heard. And that theatre is an ideal vehicle to express views and explore issues of concern. The association and its work are thus guided by a set of core values.

Social equity

RfR works in ways that support people to live in peace and dignity, and to have equal access to opportunities regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or social status.


RfR aims to treat all individuals with respect and to approach each other and those we work with in an inclusive and non-judgmental manner.

Belief in Change

RfR upholds the belief that conflict is a source of possibility for individual and social change.


RfR aims to create an ethos of collaboration that values contributions from all members, partners and service users.

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