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Get Involved

RfR is always looking for new faces, and new partnerships!  Maybe you want to tackle bullying in your school, or challenge prejudice such as homophobia? Maybe you want to complement some training for your staff? Engage your community in creative capacity building?


I hope you’ll be inspired to reach out and create a better world together!



Attend events, and participate in public workshops.  Or join a project at a partnering organization or school. 



Partner with RfR to create a project that builds the capacity of the community you serve. Sponsor a project or program.  I customize projects to the needs and assets of communities, groups and organizations with whom RfR collaborates.

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Help RfR support others! Arts administration, fundraising, translation/interpretation support, production assistance, community outreach . . . bring your skills and passion for social change, and we'll find something for you! 

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